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Evolve through its community, events, online resources and content will promote equality, support female founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders from all walks of life, from their kitchens to the boardrooms, to unleash their full potential, achieve success and reach their goals and dreams.

Driven by the desire and passion for supporting an equal society and developing female leadership, Evolve will support all women to step into their own success with confidence.

"Empowering Women to be Women of Power"

Voices of Leadership

Curated by Mairead Mackle

Evolve Voices Around the World

What does an equal society mean to you?

We opened our Leading Change Conference with this video, showcasing Evolve voices around the world and celebrating the trailblazer voices in our society today and in our past.

Evolve is for you!

Evolve is multi generational, it fits into every stage of our lives, from students… to professionalsโ€ฆto homemakersโ€ฆto mothers…to grandmothers, with key areas of focus to help you…

Evolve & be the best you can be.


The Evolve Academy free monthly webinar series is aimed at female founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, those who would like to pursue their own business.


Evolve wants to celebrate the successes and achievements of others, share inspirational stories and encourage each other.

Allyson McKimm

Director of Hastings Hotel

Suzanne Wylie

Chief Executive of Belfast City Council

Petra Wolsey

Group Marketing Director of The Beannchor Group

Cathy Martin

Founder and owner of CMPR Models & Belfast FASHIONWEEK

Evolve Events

An opportunity to build one another up, support & learn from a real community of real women, who are excited that you are coming on board. Leave feeling inspired & empowered.

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