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About Evolve

In 2018, driven by the desire & passion for supporting an equal society and developing female leadership, Mairead Mackle founded a community interest group call “Evolve” which helps all women step into their own success with confidence.

Evolve Vision

‘Empowering Women to be Women of Power’

Evolve, through its community, events, resources and content will promote equality, support female founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders in all walks of life, from their kitchens to their boardrooms, to unleash their full potential, achieve success and reach their goals and dreams.

Evolve Mission

‘Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you’
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

To celebrate the successes and achievements of others, sharing their inspirational stories and encouraging more women to get out of their comfort zone and take a step into their own personal success, whatever that may be.

Evolve Empowerment Principles

1. Respect

2. Inspire

3. Support

4. Empower

Why Evolve?

Being in business and a being a mother of 7, I know how challenging it can sometimes be for women to get ahead.

With that in mind I’m making it my mission through Evolve to celebrate the successes and achievements of others, share their inspirational stories and encourage more women to get out of their comfort zone and take a step into their own personal success, whatever that may be.

As a serial entrepreneur, I, together with our Evolve team want to help you to evolve into the woman that you want to become.

So come join our community and find you way to Personal & Professional success!

Mairead Mackle

  • An award winning entrepreneur

  • Natwest Everywoman & Irish Tatler Entrepreneur of the  Year 2019/20

  • Mother to 7 whom she raises with her husband Gerald

  • A values based leader, sitting on several boards and  mentors in leadership & personal development

  • Has a keen interest in the regeneration of listed buildings

  • Is a strong supporter of equality and diversity with a passion for supporting women & girls to build their confidence and to achieve success in whatever path they take

  • Co founded www.icarecharity.com whose Mantra is “You’ll find us wherever Kindness can make a difference” 

  • Created Evolve from a passion to promote and encourage strong female leadership  across society.

Join Us

Are you ready to take your next step – and join us on this journey?

​Lets move forward and develop together. We are looking forward to supporting you, sharing with you, learning from you and being there with you to celebrate the highs and remind you of how resilient and strong you are in the lows.

​We are looking forward to evolving into greatness together with you!

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Callan House, Hill Street,
Milford, Co. Armagh, BT60 3NZ

T: 028 3751 1333
E: info@evolvewomen.org
W: evolvewomen.org


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