Aoife Ni Eochaidh

Aoife Ni Eochaidh is the driving force behind her Company International Pelvic Physiotherapy Management (IPPM) which provides a portfolio of expert pelvic physiotherapy services, in Ireland and Internationally. Not only is Aoife multi-award winning, and a global expert in her field, she has developed innovative, cost-effective and convenient online pelvic floor muscle training courses, called Home Pelvic Routines. Aoife’s videos and e-books, or Home Pelvic Routines, are an essential or preventative therapy solution for incontinence and other pelvic floor conditions. Aoife has partnered with Pharmacies, Physiotherapists and Companies to provide these scalable pelvic floor training programs in Ireland and the UK. Aoife is fiercely passionate about Women’s Health and advises women that no amount of leakage is normal, not even a drop and that a 100% year old muscle can be trained, but the sooner you start the better!

“An equal society is so important for me because everyone deserves the same chances and opportunities, in life, to live a happy, fulfilled, stimulating and joyful life.

An equal society looks like an environment where a woman can thrive, do her best, be innovative, take risks to improve herself and the world around her for the good of all mankind, just like men can.

I would like to take every opportunity that I can to help women who need it, to thrive, see what they are capable of and help them live a better and fulfilled life, and reaching their absolute potential.”