Emma Weaver

Become part of the solution and focus on an ever changing society

Founder of @mentalwealthinternational
Best selling author of The Blue Line
Manager with inspirewellbeing TEDx speaker

Why is an equal society important to you?

An equal society is so important for many reasons, when we value people for who they are we can create an equal and fair society by reducing social and economic disadvantage. People who are treated fairly and have equal opportunity are better able to contribute to the community, and to enhance growth and prosperity for themselves and their families the ripple effect of this is huge for generations. Peoples characteristics should not define them, creating a culture of gender equality makes better sense for the future. Female leaders throughout the ages and particularly recent times have proven to be the more successful and achieve better results. Equality for all is imperative for the human race going forward, we have evolved from a society where there is a primary care giver at home and the other person is the provider, this is very much a blended role now and only an equal society can support this.

Why is an equal society look like for you?

An equal society is when every person is valued and respected regardless, I mean regardless of anything. When there are no second thoughts or even discussions of inclusion, a time when it is given. Where everyone has equal rights, liberties and freedom, when there are equal opportunities and societies stereotypical and social norms are long gone. It is a culture, a new thought process of equals.

What would you do to make a difference, in the quest for equality?

I would endeavour to keep conversations going on issues the impact of equality have, lead by example and ensure the voices of those who are impacted by inequalities are heard. Become part of the solution and focus on an ever changing society. I will not shy from conversations when opportunity arises to challenge unhelpful behaviours and conversations. I will teach my children and those in my community and wider reach on various platforms and encourage a culture of equality working and other to achieve the same.