Life’s Simple Pleasures

Though it is a wet and potentially miserable day, its the end of the week and a perfect time to be focusing on some more positive things. Ive been thinking a lot in the new year about the simpler things in life that I enjoy doing. I asked around the Leadership Team today about some of the things they love to do after a long day, or what they look forward to at the weekend… going out and meeting friends, long walks for some fresh air or just sitting down with a glass of wine and having a Netflix binge. When we take time away from our busy working lives we get to relax and enjoy the little things.

Mairead Family.JPG

I decided to share with you some things I try to make time for every week that helps me unwind;

  • Spending time with my mum – just going for a coffee and chatting about life!  I feel like we’ve put the world to rights in these conversations…

  • Organising movie nights with my youngest, and having a drink with the older ones!

  • Looking at my Evolve journal on a Sunday night and planning my week ahead – this helps me gather my thoughts and focus on having a productive week

  • Listening to a good book. Recently I’ve downloaded “Black Box Thinking” and I’ve been learning loads from it. I have to travel a lot and I find Audible is perfect for those long journeys.

Finally, I found this great quote this week and wanted to share it with you;

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary”

– Paula Coelho