Sew Much To Do Sew Little Time, Angeline Murphy

I love sewing, it is a huge passion of mine and something I never dreamed would get me to the place I am today. Over the years, sewing has become a bit of a dying art, especially with the birth of fast fashion – but recently, with more and more people wanting to show their unique side, it is slowly making a comeback.

My passion for sewing wasn’t always a passion as such, it was built on an actual need. As a 5’4” woman I have always found it difficult to find trousers that actually fit me, so in University when pennies were tight, I enrolled in a sewing class to help my constant battle with long-legged trousers. I soon realized – if I can do this, maybe I could actually make clothes? So, in 2014 I decided I would take on the mammoth task of making my own bridesmaid dresses.

I can remember when I saw The Great British Sewing Bee on TV I immediately thought ‘I will be on that show’. With only a few years experience in sewing, I applied and  gained a place on the fourth season of the show. It was a very tedious and of course secretive process, but really exciting too! I think (and hope) GBSB is making sewing and dressmaking a lot more popular among a younger generation, especially now with the rise of sustainable fashion.

Since appearing on the show, more people are coming to me to design and make things for them. I have my own sewing room in my house and that is where I get some me-time, it’s my space to create in and unwind, which I find to be extremely important in the fast paced world we live in. The message I want to get out there, particularly to young women, is that sewing is not about making clothes that are old fashioned, or something your granny would’ve worn. Dress-making enables you to design and create glamorous outfits that can be sexy. What started out as a hobby has slowly developed into more over the years, and is something I am very proud of. I hold sewing classes and craft workshops, as well as do a lot of home DIY projects. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day, as I also work a full time job as a Marketing Manger and also have three beautiful kids to raise!

I find life is all about balance and finding how you can do everything that you love and what makes you happy. If I could give any advice for having a good balance in life and being able to fit everything in, it would be to surround yourself with people who are also on board with your dreams, and make sure you take all the help you can.


I am currently on maternity leave after having my youngest who is just 16 weeks old, and I find using social media a great outlet for connecting with people while I’m not going to the office, feel free to follow my perfectly imperfect and hectic life @angeline__murphy.


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