Three Strategies to Level Up Your Life in 2019

We started this year off by sharing our goals for 2019. A new year brings new beginnings, and a fresh round of New Year’s resolutions. Its how we all start – determined and motivated! However, our resolutions can be at risk of falling short when that initial drive doesn’t necessarily equate to action. To take action we need to create goals, make real changes and set deadlines. Here are some strategies to help you bring those resolutions into reality!

1. Finding focus

Focus is the key to success.  It requires clarity of what is important and what needs to be done in order to help us to achieve our end goal.  Without clarity we can get overwhelmed.  The renowned business and life coach Marie Forleo puts forward a simple process for getting clarity in her simple 2-step goal setting training.  Marie’s advice is to, “Focus on the critical few things, rather than on the trivial many”

How we do it: Try setting small goals to achieve, we like to pick three top goals to achieve each week and let that be our guide.

2. Remember Your Values

As individuals, we each have our own set of values – a guide to help us determine what is important to us and what drives us.  If you’re struggling with some of your resolutions it can be good to take time out to re-evaluate the ‘why’.  Remind yourself of what it means to you and how much you would value the change.

How we do it: Take time to consider what is important to you, we like to write down a ‘moment of gratitude’ every week to remind ourselves.

3. Personal Leadership


We each have the ability within us to define the direction of our own lives. So we must take ownership of all decisions, to keep moving in that direction and lead ourselves towards achieving our goals. To practice personal leadership, try taking time out from the everyday challenges and think about your actions, make sure you are continuing to take steps in the direction of success.

How we do it: We always like to write down steps to take each and every week to keep moving towards our goals. Small steps can make the big changes seem less daunting!

If you have lost your way or are in need of some motivation, try following these tips to getting back on track. The Evolve Team created a weekly planner to keep track of our ‘top goals’, ‘moments of gratitude’ and ‘steps to take’. You can download it below for free to help you find your focus, remember your values and take lead on your path to success!

Download Goal Planner


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