Dominique Mallon

Crush Your Goals!

Tell us a little bit about the Goal that you have crushed:

“I first heard about kinesiology on a local radio station in Australia and as cliché as it sounds, I just knew I had to do it! Since then, I have opened my own clinic, Mallon Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a beautiful and gentle modality, whereby we use muscle monitoring to figure out any blockages within the body and unblock those through many different methods. We look at the body as a whole to gather the information and look at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress to get an all round better view of what’s going on.

What steps did you take to crush this goal?

Over the next 3 years to complete my advanced diploma in Kinesiology. I finished my Adv dip in January 2016 and have been fully qualified and been practicing for the last 6 years. I worked in 2 very successful and amazing clinics in Perth, Australia. I recently moved back to Ireland in July 2021 and opened Mallon Kinesiology, in September 2021.

How did it make you (or your nominee) feel to Crush your Goal?

I feel very proud to be able to share my knowledge back home and help people in my local community. I see people from kids to adults to the elderly and people with all ailments. The brain work I have learned helps kids with ASD, ADHD, behavioural issues, separation anxiety and generalised anxiety and stress just to name a few. I help adults with all different stresses and ailments and so too the elderly.

Have you identified the next goal you’d like to crush… can you share any details with us?

I want to continue to grow my business and help more people by continuing my work. I absolutely adore what I do and from that first day of hearing it on the radio, I just knew I was meant to be a Kinesiologist.”