Lorraine Boyce

Crush Your Goals!

Tell us a little bit about the Goal that you have crushed:

I completely revamped my business! I had been doing general physiotherapy for years but had a passion for Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physio, so I took a risk and renamed and rebranded my business as ‘Down Below Physio’! While i offer 1-1 services at my clinic, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone completely and developed new online Pilates and Pelvic Floor Programmes specifically for women during and after their pregnancy, who have issues with incontinence, prolapse, tummy muscle separation, pelvic pain etc.

What steps did you take to crush this goal?

Well the new business name was essential to let people know what I do, and it’s fairly self-explanatory now… I do exactly what it says on the tin, I do Physio for “Down Below”! A new complex e-commerce website was needed, new branding and I had to compile, record and edit the content for my online programmes. So, it was a busy demanding year overall!

How did it make you (or your nominee) feel to Crush your Goal?

The response from clients and on social media has been amazing, I’m getting so many messages from women who are delighted that I’m talking about all the ‘hush hush’ taboo issues that no one tends to discuss, like painful sex and constipation and peeing yourself when you exercise! So, while it was daunting putting myself out there to speak about these things, it has been liberating and really rewarding to have such amazing feedback!


Have you identified the next goal you’d like to crush… can you share any details with us?

I’d love to reach more women through my social media platforms so that all women have access to the information and advice that they should have about their pelvic health!