Sinead O’Donnell

Crush Your Goals!

Tell us a little bit about the Goal that you have crushed:

I am the founder and CEO of the tanning brand PH20.

What steps did you take to crush this goal?

I have always worked in the beauty and cosmetics industry, and owned my own salon for 8 years. After my circumstances changed and I became a mum of four, I struggled to keep on top of motherhood and run the salon at the same time. Over a lot of deliberation, I closed the salon so I could focus on the kids. Lockdown was tough, and made even tougher with the loss of my father to Covid-19 in 2020. I always had dreamt of doing something big, and after the loss of my daddy, I knew I had to do something to make him proud – he always told me I could do anything. Then, PH20 was born. I have always been a tan addict and after coming from a beauty background and having a passion for it, I thought I should just go for it. To honour daddy I named the tan PH20 – which was his initials and the year we lost him. I thought it was important to me to incorporate him into my venture, because I knew only then would I give it my everything.

Once I had an idea and a name, I started sourcing materials, meeting with manufacturers and having a design made. It was a long process but the wait results in a good quality tanning brand. Finally, I approached McKeevers Chemist, who were my first and main retailer to stock my tan – I will be forever grateful for this! PH20 was officially born. I now have 42 retailers so far and 11 products for sale (you can see them here).

How did it make you (or your nominee) feel to Crush your Goal?

Very proud and extremely grateful for being able to carry it through. I’m still learning how to not take things too seriously, especially with social media. Sometimes it does all get a little overwhelming but I think it is important to have a good balance.

Have you identified the next goal you’d like to crush… can you share any details with us?

I am always on the lookout for new retailers and thinking of new product ideas. It is very exciting that the brand is continuing to grow, I’m hoping to have something new to share within the next 8-10 months.