Tracy Hughes

Crush Your Goals!

Tell us a little bit about the Goal that you have crushed:

When we received Eva’s childhood cancer diagnosis just before her 4th birthday my world was rocked to the core. When Eva lost her hair owing to cancer treatment I couldn’t find a resource available, in a child friendly layout and wording, that would help us to address the very serious issues we were facing, so armed with this children’s literature concept for assisting children to deal with life threatening illnesses in an adventurous manner I undertook to write and publish a book for Eva so that she could visualise the stories I was sharing with her.

What steps did you take to crush this goal?

Eva’s Adventures was born in 2017 and this book ‘Eva Meets Dr Mac’, published 2018 with an official launch today June 27th. This is the first professionally illustrated picture book, written as a lasting legacy to Eva.

How did it make you (or your nominee) feel to Crush your Goal?

It really is bittersweet to have crushed this goal, given my very real and painfully tangible loss. That said, I’m sustained on the darkest of days knowing that a child somewhere is reading Eva’s story and saying her name, whilst smiling at the fun this story brings.


Have you identified the next goal you’d like to crush… can you share any details with us?

We are looking forward to building on the very strong foundation laid down by Caring Adventures, Eva’s newly established charity. We are hosting our 2nd Half Marathon on September 14th – another step in keeping Eva’s memory very much alive and have lots of other community initiatives for helping others in the pipeline.

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