Gordon McDade

Gordon is an Executive Coach and Mentor, a Mediator who is also involved in community restorative justice. He has successfully run his own business for many years as well as being an Interim CEO. He is a trainer and facilitator with experience across all of the sectors. He is passionate about social enterprise and encouraging entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and goals. He is interested in peacebuilding, in faith and spirituality and in creative writing. Gordon is committed to equality and to the growth of an equal and inclusive society.

Why is an equal society important to you?  

An equal society is important to me because we all share a common humanity which means every person has value, worth, purpose and significance. Every person has a voice every person has rights every person has freedom of expression and speech and the right to be heard. We can all learn from each other and grow together. An equal society means no one is discriminated against on grounds of gender, social standing, disability, race, religion, sexuality or anything else, everyone is accepted and meaningful. This matters to me because no one gets left behind and everyone has the opportunity to be a part of community and make a contribution.  


What does an equal society look like ? 

A society where each person is valued and has enough practically, spiritually, financially and emotionally to live a significant life with opportunities and freedom to realise their potential and enjoy community and health. An equitable society is one where barriers are removed and inequalities between genders, between races, religions and identities are no longer present and divisive, where there are reduced health and economic disparities and where everyone can have opportunities and realise their potential. No one feels victimised or marginalised and everyone feels free and safe to be themselves.  


What would you like to do to make a difference in the quest for equality?  

I would like to use whatever influence I have working in a variety of contexts to champion equality through my voice and my practice. I would like to be a spokesperson for equality and a campaigner for change. I would like to use my various platforms to be a positive influencer on issues of equality and to challenge inequality where I encounter it. I would also like to offer coaching and mentoring to encourage those who feel marginalised to fulfil their potential and move forward in their experience. I want to create and offer opportunities for others to fly high.