At Evolve, we love to showcase and share free online resources that are available to/useful for our community.

We have compiled the below links to create you ‘How to Guide’ – created to help you start your own business or progress in your current career! 

What to expect and where to start?

The idea of starting a business can be daunting – here is a start up guide by KMPG which gives a comprehensive overview on what to expect! You can Also get out this guide quick guide by NI Business Info, on Ten Steps to Starting A Successful Business

Want to take your business skills to the next level? Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women series of courses is a free-to-access online business program covering all aspects of running a business – offering practical education and interactive activities from entrepreneurship experts

If you need inspiration on how to grow your venture, check out our Inspiration section

How to: Get the Job You Love

Figuring out what you want to do, and how to best use you skills can be daunting. 

How to: Succeed in an Interview

To assess if entrepreneur is right for you and whether your idea works

How to: Generate an Idea

To assess if entrepreneur is right for you and whether your idea works

How to: Develop a Business Plan

How to: Manage Legal Obligations

Legal templates to help you set up and run the business

How to: Manage Your Financial Well-Being

Learn how to shape your wealth with UBS

Life can be full of surprises. Be prepared for the great adventure that is your life. Find out how best to achieve your financial goals as a woman. Complete a quick self-assessment to discover your financial confidence type and receive some tailored guidance to help you get started.  Take the test here.

The UBS Women Forum series has insights on financial wellbeing, from negotiation skills to building a sustainable business to talking to your partner about money – a series of podcasts, articles and special guest features on getting the most from your life and finances. Below are our picks:

How to: Continue Learning

Preparing your business for growth