Karen Mc Dermott

Publisher | Founder of Serenity Press 



Why is an equal society important to you?

We have come so far as a society, let us not go too far to the other end of the scales. For me, I believe a true equilibrium is achieved when we are balanced and that means equality must be our priority and we can do this by ensuring it maintains high importance in our core values. An equal society means that we are all valued equally and that is an ideal scenario in my eyes.

Why does an equal look like for you?

It is simply a society where we are all-inclusive of everyone, opening our minds and not fearing others. A society where we spend time building ourselves up instead of pulling others down. That is a society where we show up as the best version of ourselves and share that with each other. That is a society that does not have room for criticism or disharmony, it is a society where we all have a platform to be ourselves unapologetically.

What would you do to make a difference, in the quest for equality?

I do it every day, I help people share stories with the world, keep conversations going and value everyone equally no matter what gender, race, status, or how much the earn. I focus on the values of another person and in doing that I invite others to do the same by showing how when we live all-inclusive no one is ever left out and so equality is never too far away.