Nadia Sayers

Nadia Sayers has represented Ireland at international beauty pageants not once, but twice, most recently as Miss Universe Ireland 2020. Nadia’s passion and career has been built in the third-sector as a mental health speaker, advocate and mental health educator, working with children and young people from across Northern Ireland to promote and instil early intervention methods & emotional education, making it both practical and fun through a range of engaging techniques.

She now works within the Hope 4 Life NI charity focusing on early intervention for children and young adults, sits on the board of Directors as Chairperson for the suicide prevention charity West Wellbeing, and is working on her own personal projects mentoring young girls to achieve their goals whilst promoting and maintaining their mental wealth.

Why is an equal society important to you?

Everyone deserves the right to have the same shot as the next person at making a home, creating a life and achieving their dreams. As a society, by doing this we can prosper in ways that we never imagined. By quieting down, and finally giving space to the voices that have the silenced for too long, a new respectful and diverse environment is created, this is where innovation and learning happen.

What does an equal society look like for you?

An equal society is one where we all have the opportunity to fulfil individual basic needs, access to paths of growth and experience the world around us, where our direction is based solely off of our own choices and not our gender, religion, culture, socio-economic status or identity. 

What would you like to do to make a difference, in the quest for equality?

By promoting accessible education that has application in daily life, that teaches us how to live and thrive in life rather than how to pass tests. By putting a focus on creating a community (and a world) that can communicate empathetically with compassion, so that individually we can be open and respectful to other perspectives, whilst being empowered to stand up to unjust acts when needed and neglect the herd mentality that can relieve responsibility and individual though.