Continue Learning

Preparing your business for growth The Funding Gap: investors and female entrepreneurs– a UBS report exploring the challenges and opportunities for female entrepreneurs with accessing funding and the opportunities for investors BBB’s research on finance market– reports covering the state of UK equity and debt funding markets across funding stages Backing women in business– why […]

Scale Up

Preparing your business for growth BBB’s guide to reviewing your business plan BBB’s guide to reforecasting in uncertain times BBB’s guide to exporting to new markets BBB’s guide to selling your business KPMG’s guide to Going Global KPMG’s road to exiting your business Five essential ways to keep sustainability at the heart of your business– […]

Manage Your Financial Well-Being

Learn how to shape your wealth with UBS Life can be full of surprises. Be prepared for the great adventure that is your life. Find out how best to achieve your financial goals as a woman. Complete a quick self-assessment to discover your financial confidence type and receive some tailored guidance to help you get […]

Be A Leader

Inspiration on how to be a better leader   BBB’s guide to managing mental health and wellbeing BBB’s 5 things you should be doing to lead your business through coronavirus UBS Women Forum – Five top tips on building your personal brand UBS Women Forum – Negotiation skills and how to apply them in a […]

Run Day-to-Day Operations & Admin

All the resources you need to help with the smooth day to day operation of a business   BBB’s guide to managing working from home BBB’s guide to managing staff redundancies BBB’s guide to managing the end of furlough BBB’s guide to making your workplace COVID-secure BBB’s guide to growing a business BBB’s guide to […]

Manage Legal Obligations

Legal templates to help you set up and run the business   UK Government guide to setting up a business

Manage Your Finances

Help with managing business finances   BBB’s guide to making the most of your business bank account BBB’s guide to how to deal with late payments BBB’s business insurance 101 HMRC Tax e-learning for starting your own business HMRC Self-employed Business Expenses HMRC Becoming an employed HMRC Investment Schemes BBB’s guide to making the most […]

Manage a Business / Finance Fundamentals

Demystifying the key numbers and metrics in the business   BBB’s guide to managing cashflow BBB’s establishing a cash culture BBB’s checklist of are you ready for finance? BBB’s route to investment Invest NI’s Support for Business 

Develop a Business Plan

Understand what a business plan is and how to build one.   BBB Business Plan Template and tips University of Oxford Business Plan and Other Important Documents

Generate an Idea

  Developing a business idea Find the specialist in your sector by Better Business Finance