Cliona O’Hara – Leading Change Conference

We were so excited to have expert in growth mindset Cliona O’Hara as a speaker for our Leading Change Conference.

From N.I, Cliona moved to America at the age of 18 to pursue the American Dream. Cliona succeed in this and is now an entrepreneur. Cliona has successfully started and operated several startup companies bringing them to 8 figure revenues and high profitability through the principles of putting the service of others first.     

Cliona is also a philanthropist and has started a charitable foundation in N.I called “Live and Love Life”. Her goal is to transform lives through mindset and mental health services and support. Cliona is also a partner in @BeeMe Kids, Ltd – The first of its kind personal development company for children.    

She is an expert in growth mindset, and through studying Personal Development she is now a full-time Senior Inner Coach for @BobProctor at The Proctor Gallagher Institute.