Riki Neill

Riki founded RNN Comms back in 2013 with the aim of creating a new breed of PR & Comms agency. She’s gone on to grow the business significantly, developing an incredible agency culture, attracting a team of creative people who love what they do and picking up a host of awards along the way.

She’s creative, determined and driven, and not only develops solid communications strategies for brands, but is often found side-by-side with clients when times get tough. In 2021, RNN acquired fetch Ireland, a micro-influencer platform that connects brands with Ireland’s micro-influencer community. Fetch Ireland is now Ireland’s fastest growing platform for micro-influencers.  

RNN is the first communications agency in Ireland to adopt a four-day week, with all team members being paid for five days.  The agency is the current PRCA Outstanding Small Agency of the Year and RNN is shortlisted for a number of awards at the forthcoming CIPR PRide Awards.

Riki is a Fellow of the CIPR, a Chartered PR Practitioner and a member of the PRCA committee in Northern Ireland.

Why is an equal society important to you?

Equally is the backbone of a decent and progressive society. An equal society is a fair and just society and that’s what we vote to be part of and are helping to shape. 

Working in communications and with an expansive variety of client companies, it’s imperative that we can connect with audiences and play our role in building a diverse team.

What does an equal society look like for you?

An equal society is one in which everyone is treated equally, and their opinions are respected. Equality is something that I’m very passionate about which is why I’ve been involved in integrated education for many years in a Board of Governors role at a local Primary School. I’m a firm believer in instilling the importance of a diverse society in which everyone is equal from a young age and integrated education is one way for us in Northern Ireland to grow in a more informed and respectful manner from our early school days rather than be raised in a segregated society. 

What would you like to do to make a difference, in the quest for equality?

Equality is certainly not all focused on gender or religion. Economic backgrounds can play a huge role in a person’s opportunities as they grow. I have had a very successful, enjoyable, and incredible career in PR & Comms. It has opened so many doors for my team and me, and we thoroughly enjoy what we do. This is something that I want to offer to others. As the company grows, one of our goals is to educate school leavers on the communications industry and make it a viable option to consider. We’re hoping to fund several students’ university and further education studies, combined with practical learning via the RNN TraiN academy.