Shera McAloran

When time and circumstance align,
magic happens.

Founder Karri Kitchen Ltd

Why is an equal society important to you?

We have come so far as a society, let us not go too far to the other end of the scales. For me, I believe a true equilibrium is achieved when we are balanced and that means equality must be our priority and we can do this by ensuring it maintains high importance in our core values. An equal society means that we are all valued equally and that is an ideal scenario in my eyes.

Why does an equal look like for you?

It makes the world a better place to live, it makes a positive impact on humanity.  It’s a powerful thing to feel welcome, heard, valued and supported.

As a person who lives outside my home country, I have experienced inequality, being treated differently and facing discrimination at work. It crushed me once, I have survived and overcome this experience, making me a better person.

What would you do to make a difference, in the quest for equality?

I believe to make a difference for equality, it’s start within ourselves. We need to value ourselves and accept our own uniqueness; by believing and looking after ourselves, it gives us a better understanding of what equality is and we able to stand up for any discrimination and inequality.

As a business owner, to create a workplace with equal opportunity for everyone has been our foundation from the start. Every single person in our team is a vital part of the company and we treat each other with respect, equal voice, and opportunity.