Lisa McCloskey

CEO & Founder, The Lady Accountant

Meet Lisa McCloskey, also known as “The Lady Accountant,” a passionate and driven entrepreneur who founded her own accountancy business with a mission to provide a personal touch and exceptional experience for her clients’ accounting needs.

Lisa understands that most business owners dislike bookkeeping and accounting tasks, often leading them to handle these responsibilities during their personal time, sacrificing moments with family and friends. However, she believes that hiring an accountant is not a luxury but a smart business decision that can yield significant returns.

Although based in Northern Ireland, The Lady Accountant extends her services to clients throughout the UK. The majority of her clientele comprises female-led businesses, but she is equally dedicated to assisting male-led businesses as well.

With a commitment to excellence, trust, and dedication to her clients’ success, Lisa McCloskey and her team at The Lady Accountant are ready to empower your business and ensure it thrives in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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